The Last Will and Testament of Ripped Off Face

The consequences of our future rest in the ability to disinguish the faults of our leaders as well as ourselves. If we honestly desire a greater world we must realize that wise decisions for our country cannot be achieved without preserving order in our personal lives. We must also realize that leaning left or right as a result of natural default is far from a tragedy. Nothing is more tragic than extremism that is romanticized and under well organization.

This album is a small attempt to restore social consitency to the handful of people that will listen. This album is an acknowledgement that blaming a system of rule as the sole source of hardship is irresponsible. That their is no greater power than our own hands even though it is easier to believe the opposite. This album is an acceptance not only of the mistakes we inherit but the mistakes we (even as a band) continue to make.

Like any nation-our biggest failures are not the wars we enter, the enviroments we forsake, the religions we adopt or the faiths we fight. Our greatest oversight is that we cast judgement in our hearts before opening our minds to honest discourse. This album is not demanding the impossible from it's listener, nor is it accepting the bare minimum (such as change). This album is simply asking you to challenge one another and start paying attention. To restore the endangered language of compromise and dismiss the glamour of extremism. To meet yourself in the middle now before a devasting event forces you to the center without an ounce of preparation.

From the diversity of the Americas, to the rich cultures of Europe. From the complexity of Asia to the fragmenation of Africa. May we dismantle the artificial constructs of ignorance, inconsistent authority, and the praise of stupidity. And may we have the strength to step back and expel our conscience when it has told us we are no longer allowed to dream.

This is not a call to arms. This is a call to rational thought. We are the state.

© Copyright Ripped Off Face 2008.